lets here your excuses

Saturday night ride to brighton all you turds who said you was commin and didnt turn up and ignored the PMs excuses below, and my bike would have got wet will not suffice

Scared youd be going flatout…170!! you nutters…

no, seriously, bikes still in the garage after my off last week & im still recovering.

gutted i missed it cos it seems like you had a blast, never mind, there always next time…

ermmm, ummmmm, ahhh…

oh yeah i was there!! top night

Ginger is a dude!

We should have done some more cruising round town befor we headed home…

Ahh next time

Hey how was the zoo?

The zoo is very cool i love it and so do the kids…

it was packed though but it was sunday

how was hiking?


it was good thanks for asking

went mountain biking instead… nearly dropped it and myself into a tree coming down tho…

lots of fun…

we were up at whipsnade over the december holiday too - way cool…

Never look at the speedo on a fast ride…

shure way to scare the shit outa your self and painic.

problem solved

yeah i love whipsnade, think i like it better than london zoo coz theres more space.

But you cant beat the zoo for amazing creatures!

The butterfly house errm tunnel was cool, there all just flying around you and even land on you.

Post hijacked??

Excuses, Hummm, OK.

It’s a naked bike and I can’t hold on much above that,

It’s old, 70,000 mile.

It has worn piston rings,

It has an unseated front fork bush,

It’s got an air leak on number three throttle body

TP sensor has a faulty output value and needs changing,

Could do with a service and a clean.

It was wet and I only had 12 miles on a brand new rear tyre.

I’m old,

I’ve no cartilage in my knees,

I’m diabetic,

I’ve had two toes and a chunk of foot traumatically amputated last year,

Dislocated my right thumb on Tuesday (again),

Not in the best frame of mind (family bereavement last Monday),

I could go on, but you get the idea, all true and valid reasons not to turn up.

I’ve got a bike,

I’ve got petrol in it,

It works well enough,

I said I would,

All the reasons I needed to turn up.

Cheers Mark.

nice, it was a blast and good to meet ya

You to, had a good time, distraction and meeting new folks was just what was called for.

Cheers Mark.

i have a valid excuse my freind…not gonna explain it again as its a boring one none the less…

but had training at work…

till the next one mate!!!


Hehehe…great thread Flats! Faggoty rain dodgers letting the side down again??

thing is, I have been on 3 rides now that should have been written off due to rain

St Georges Day
MayDay Run

Every one of them brigthened up and turned out a fantastic day/eve.

Never let rain disuade you from a ride out

Another good day missed because of bloody work, sounds as if you lot had a great time !! Typical.

Wiggetta … late afternoon were you driving through Earls Court ??

Had my cousins wedding…at Wipsnade Wildlife Park…great venue…

Haven’t been on a ride out yet … that’ll have to change…soon!!!

Driving or Riding?

You won’t miss my van if you ever did see it mate!

That’s a nice car mate, I didn’t know you own a petrol station? lol… Only jocking

it’s a posh van! 33mpg and commercial vehicle classification and no, it’s not used to drop the kids off in Chelsea

Cause I don’t have any

nice toys you have wiggy!..33mpg i wish my motor done that…i have a 3.7ltr petrol jeep…14mph on a good day!