Lets do the time warp....

Just had a rag & bone man come down the street replete with horse & cart, ringing his bell & crying out ‘rag & bone’ proper old style Steptoe & Son!

I thought they’d died out decades ago, they were common place when I grew up in the 60s, but this must be the first one I’ve seen in 30+ years, guess the value of scrap metal has made it worthwhile once more.

For some unknown reason, it’s cheered me up, can’t beat a nostalgia trip eh? :slight_smile:

Good song too :slight_smile:


one comes down my road a couple of times a week, no horse just a pikey in an old transit shaking a bell…

If you see a tramp apparently wearing only newspapers you are officially on the other side of a black hole. :slight_smile:

yeah we only get pikies round here too

Who remembers…

School holidays, watching TV with Fireball XL 5, Jason and the wheeled warriors. Sundays with the Tom Jones show, The muppets, Chips and Tales of the Golden Monkey.

Penny sweets, with the pink gums & white teeth, chocolate cigarettes and double dip.

Going over the fields with your mates when you were only 6/7 playing Robin Hood and your parents not having to worry about Peodo’s!

When BMX bikes first came out, that we’re heavier than yer dads car and had spikey pedals that ripped yer legs up. Grifters and choppers!

Street Parties, and every fireworks night the dad’s in the street burning the garden sheds they saved up for in the year, just so we could have a bonfire. All the mum’s making toffee and we all let off fireworks together.

When Insurance was affordable, you didn’t have ABS brakes or disk brakes for that matter… oh and petrol was 59p a litre. When browny/Burgandy was a respectable colour for a vauxhal cavalier. And when monkey’s at the safari park picked the black rubber roof off yer motor.

When the coal man came to your house and when it wasn’t frowned upon to have a bath in the kitchen sink.

When it was cool to go on holiday to… Wales!