Let Joy Be Unconfined !

What a day :satisfied: … but … she fixed :w00t:

Well done you:D

No more cage to work then?

Sounds like you had a more productive day than mine:crazy:

Yeah … just read your thread flower, what you like :stuck_out_tongue: does that mean no High Beech tomorrow then ?

I now have the shiniest bestest starter motor in all of Cheshunt :stuck_out_tongue:

If you and JN are going up there I can be persuaded;)

I’ll be on me suzook:w00t:

Wanna see motoGP though;)

Jonny, no can do … he’s working … I however will be needing a well deserved battenberg fix :wink:

I’ve got your number, I’ll text you tomorrow when I’m going down.
Anyone else up for it ?

BACK ON TOPIC though. Today I also learnt how to solder :w00t:

Thats good, you can come round and sort my loom out for my firestorm;):smiley: