Lest We Forget.

I did my first rememberance parade as a serving soldier yesturday with my troop and for the first time in my life it all hit home.

To the ones that have fallen in the line of duty, thank you for what you have done for me!

To the ones still in theatre of war wishing you a safe return!

I think I will Taz… good idea.

Adam H took us to The Somme War Museum and The War Memorial the last time we were all in France and a very moving experience it was too!!

Specially when you find your Grandfathers Brothers name there for all to see !!

A few other members found relatives names on it too !!

Respect !!

I am waiting for the day that people try to stop the sale or the wearing of poppies I can see it coming I really can. Only a matter of time in this country

They can try, but i will never stop!

+1 !!!

I can’t see that happening to be honest. The news reader John Snow was slated this week for not wearing one on TV and even the group promoting white poppies was flamed.

The Bristish Legion do a very good job keeping the poppy uppermost in peoples minds - I think there’s more chance of them banning Christmas…

Well a lot of schools dont have Christmas plays anymore! Mine didnt for the last 2 years I was there.

The Council banned the sale of Poppies in the Camden Town area !!

Nothing outside shops or the Station + Pubs and the Station doesnt surprise me as London Underground didnt sanction the sale of them anyway other than their Mainline Stations and didnt publish the fact either !!

Spineless w3nkers !!

It does feel like our fallen brave heroes fought for nothing now it really does. Young guys lied about there age to fight because they were so proud of this country they were deperate to join in. How many would do that now!

And yet the TFL are represented in the parade

I know Remembrance has past now but I think these men should be remembered as well.


Some very sad stories.