Leon Camiers crash WARNING Not for the faint hearted

Dont know if this has been posted before, but its a nasty break. Get well soon young un!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b7k3FILIGA

Fcuk me that’s NASTY :blink::pinch:

real bad luck that guy has when it comes to his legs…amazing how he is flopped about like a rag doll

I was watching the race on tv when it happened and when they slow motioned it i felt sick.

i was watching that live, looks horrible, get well soon fella

Yeah i also saw that live, very brutal. get well soon

Now people are calling for changes to be made to the Mountain section because it’s too dangerous and Jame Toseland is saying big bikes shouldn’t be jumping over it.Basically, I think that’s bollarks and I really hope no changes are made.

Racing is dangerous…FACT!

So will they change the TT course next because I see bikes flying there every year too?..Take the risks inherent in the sport or go be a professional golfer or something :doze:Still gutted for Leon though…Hope he’s back on his feet and on a bike next year.

(havent you watch Jackass? ) do you know how many Golfers have been killed by racing the buggy up/down hills :whistling: ps. my leg hurts just looking at the video :crying:

Guess they better slow those buggys down then :rolleyes: