Leicester Square Videos !

As promised videos on youtube :slight_smile:

Have fun watching:D




quality, cheers

Nice one!
But I feel a bit bad for the bloke who was obviously down on his luck in the first place. It’s better when someone who clearly doesn’t need it tries hard at getting the nugget!

Who’s that nob going on about his business and a CD deck at the end!?

lol u bunch of nutters, what time u there till on a fri sat morn?? mite pop down when i finish work on fri lol

till late. 1-2 am is regular thing if weather is good:)


great stuff adrian…thanks a million for that!!!


Very, Very funny, hope you gave the guy a pound for his efforts.

OOoo you are awlful, but I like you! :wink:

Curiosity killed the cat. Opened this thread wondering what was going on down in Leicester Square. Wish I hadn’t now.

The first video shows a guy who obviously needs a bob or two basically being taunted by you lot. You’ll say it was good natured etc but the joke only works if it was say a tourist or businessman who tried to pick up the coin, couldn’t, shrugs and moved on. This bloke probably felt like he had to keep trying through need and being surrounded by bikers.

Apart from the fact that people don’t seem to have anything better to do on a Friday night than hang around one of the cack-est parts of London at 2am…