Leicester Square Meet


and new ginger pics :laugh:

Good to see the hospital allowed ginger out for the night.:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha quality.

Me and a mate did that when we were younger, glueing 50p to the pavement outside my house. Gave it up when some tight arse chiselled them away during the night :rolleyes:

There used to be a website a few years ago called “trampcam” where this person glued coins to the street outside their house, then pointed a webcam out of their window and streamed it over the internet, was always good for a chuckle on a slow day !

Thats hillarious :stuck_out_tongue:

well put togather adrian!:smiley:

it was a funny night:) what new tricks can we come up with??:w00t:

Ha Ha nicely done:D

guys im gutted i missed it this week, defo next week though :slight_smile:

Ha ha. Love the video! :smiley:

Er the video is not working anymore!:wink:

Works for me Tony:)

Works for me Tony:)

haha classic guys, that is brilliant…

Looks like more women than men got caught out by that one (ducks and runs for cover)

You devils! :wink:

That looks wicked!

Yeah its working now. Very very good wish i was there :smiley:

use this link in case youtbue does not work ;]

I’m thinking about gluing wallet to the ground next time. 5 pound note will be good aswell :smiley:
Or sticking the wallet on the fishing line :slight_smile: That would be funny ;]

See you there next Friday again :cool:

classic :smiley:

naughty naughty…but at the same time…VERY, VERY FUNNY!! :smiley: