leicester square fri night

Hullo, my name’s Daise and I met two of your members (suzuki GP rep and and R1) on Friday night in Leicester Square.

Sorry I couldn’t talk for longer, I was dragged off for more drinking :wink:

Anyways, a bit about me:

I’ve just moved here from Australia, it’s my first time overseas and I’m loving London.

I had a Kwakka '00 ZX6r back home, and was also a sidecar passenger in state level racing. I’m hoping to get both again whilst I’m here, although I’m looking at getting an R6 (maybe… haven’t made up my mind yet!!).

My forum back home is Perth Street Bikes, which is just about to hit 5,000 members. I have been involved with the forum since it’s inception (conception?? hehe) and I love being part of a bike community.

Anyways, first round is whatever you guys drink - but I flatly refuse to buy Fosters. Horrible stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and welcome aboard.


Welcome aboard :smiley:

Spooky! I saw you lot talking whilst I was lost outside the McD’s:D

hiya, hope to see you about and welcome aboard

Hello! Welcome to LB! Nice way to be introduced to the community… Hope you’ll be coming along to our meets soon…

Bet you’re feeling quite patriotic right now after Stoner’s championship win eh? :slight_smile:

I’ll hold you to that…a Bass Ale please…when I am over next Spring. :smiley:


pop along to the borough market meet on wednesdays and say hello sometime

was in perth 2 years ago, didnt see many bikes about. apart from the red ducati that kept flashing me to let me know about the speed trap on the way to hillarys.

Hahaha us Perth riders are a nocturnal species, and even then it’s mainly a Wed or Fri night :wink:

As with Stoner, to be the best in your class, and at the age of 21, how can you NOT support him? That kid has YEARS ahead of him :slight_smile:

Hi there and welcome to LB

Hi, and welcome to LB. You sound familiar, think I may have met you over on a slidey forum?

yeah i’m at steve’s place too :slight_smile:


Another bloody Sheila :DWelcome mate!

Stone the flamin crows Alisa! :smiley:

Cheers :wink:

Ello and welcome to LB! :slight_smile:

I’m in Melbourne in November and thinking of doing a track day at Philip Island. Have you ridden that track?

I only ask because it’s a big commitment because it’ll be two days before a wedding at which I’m the best man so want to make sure it’s worth the risk!