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Lego M1000RR

Looks way better that the Panigale version.

cc/ @kcoops


How much!

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Wonder howmany will now build a paddock stand from lego though …

Pay attention @Curtis the price and link is all in kylejm’s post.

Apologises @Curtis, I’ve only just noticed the punctuation!


Looks good but for £175 :thinking:

Shouldn’t it be pay attention @National_Treasure? He used an exclamation mark, not a question mark. :wink:


Post now edited, I’ll go sit on the naughty step for 10


Bloody hell, that’s even dearer than the Lego Land Rover Defender that I’m lusting after

This one?

Looks like it’s the same price.

That’s the one, it’s under £150 on Amazon

I guess they’re justifying more than 3x the price of the Panigale with 3x the pieces involved!

There are some kits from China that cost about 1/3 for an identical model. If you fancy one and are not brand loyal that might be an idea.

The Chinese manufacturers also make loads of tanks and heavy artillery that Lego don’t as its not in their policy for engaging young minds or something.

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