Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill 2006

Please read the attached MAG document and lobby your MP.

It would be so easy for the motorcycles that we ride to be made illegal.


Wow! Thanks for that! I will do my best

Just read it I am astounded in a worst case cenerio at the stroke of a pen if some politition gets the rrrs the bike trade in the UK is dead I know that might be a lil exstreme but I have issues at the mo with the ability to use none original parts on bikes. If they get the strop the bike trade in the UK is gone that means my business is over LB is over AWOL is over and the rest. All this = big unemployment etc,etc, I will join the fight.

Damn right, bloody Blair and his subversive cohorts! We will fight it!

damn i dont know whats wrong with these stupid politicians always destroy anything good or worth having

I am willing to bet I am the only one on this forum who read the whole thing. Its is eight pages long to be fair. We are not the only group who should be worries this legislation would give the government of the day the power to encodify any legislation that takes its fancy at a stroke any activity the government wished to they could make illegal. They could change employment laws, bring in wierd food legislation, ban people from wearing sandals (that might not be a bad idea, beard beard sandals, white socks) :shudder:.

This has to be made more high profile quickly else we are all in trouble and we will find ourselves all in trouble.