Leg Down

Two questions:

  1. Why do the Moto Gp guys hang their inside leg and foot out and off the peg as they go into a corner?

  2. Similarly why is a foot left trailing and off the pegs on take off (I see alot of guys imitating this on the road too?)

  1. They were talking about this a couple of weeks ago on the BBC and quoted Rossi as saying
    he did not know, but it felt like it helped balancing the bike…strange really.

I originally only noticed Rossi doing it…then Stoner…
now they all seem to be doing it judging by this weekends GP (What a cracker :D)

  1. Don’t know…I do it occassionally, without thinking about it. :wink:

Theres one of the GP riders ‘answering’ that very question in Fast Bikes mag, says that he doesn’t really no but maybe its to do with balance!!
Mags at work, I’ll edit post with the actual quote when I get there.

On the Beeb coverage they mentioned Rossi does it ‘naturally’ to balance the bike up for a corner - even Rossi couldn’t explain it but it seems to help and certainly isn’t slowing him (or Stoner) down.As for on the road, I do find myself being lazy and not lifting up the leg instantly after taking off (on the commute). Normally it’s cos the lights ahead have just changed or someone’s gonna pull a dumb manouver so I’ve gotta stop again anyway. My poor knees get a little rest that way. :smiley:

IIRC Troy Baylis did this in WSB way before the GP boys caught on:cool:

i thought it was some kind of air brake thing…
whatever it is though it’s funny how they are ALL doing it now.

i guess if Rossi is doing it… i’ve only ever done it on the road at about the same time as having an ’ oh my GOD i cant stop’ moment :hehe:

Nooo idea but I see people doing it on the road and it just makes it looks like they would rather their bike had a set of stabilisers!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I don’t really know, the reasons above seem good

  2. covering the back brake? A touch of back brake keeps it smooth as you get up to speed and stops you windmilling if you get on the power too hard. Either that or laziness.

Laziness. Me on takeoff, not the motoGP leg thing.

i usually do it on the bike when moving off.

bit like an aircraft lifting its undercarriage…

waiting till i have a positive rate of climb before i lift the undercarriage up :cool:

Drag bike racers leave their feet out trailing on take off so as not to upset balance (both side and inerta backwards etc…)

Was reading on a forum Re: random leg out thingy aand some guys were saying on their that they heard it was to do with putting more weight low down on the front wheel allowing harder braking… effectively moving centre of gravity lower and forward over the front - which would make sense…

Air braking difference would be so negligible compared to on the peg that IMO it wouldnt be fore that…

Id like it if it was a joke they all had that they are gonna have a laugh watching all the numpties on the roads who start copying them soon enough! That’d be a quality reason!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I can’t believe people have started doing this on the road… PMSL :smiley:

It all goes back to some bloke giving Rossi some lessons on The BCR, this was way before Rossi went to the TT!:stuck_out_tongue:




BCR riders know how to lean:cool:

and we got many styles!! the moto style, the KD style, and the knee in style:D

Thought it was a method for going round corners slower:)

If I keep my foot down on the road when doing a fast launch off from the lights, only one thing is guaranteed - a massive wheelie which I don’t want! I normally lift my feet up before setting off now, i.e balance and power off. Works for me.

I occasionally hang my legs off the pegs and make it look like I’m running when passing Japanse tourists.

I trail my left leg when doing a fast launch sometimes. It feels natural and looks cool I guess.