Lef Deppard

I’ve never been a big def leppard fan probley only ever heard one of there songs…untill today, my mate was play one of there albums on the back ground when i was on the phone, and i have to say i think this song is awesome. I know its a soppy one but it’s still great, and all you oldies that know every def leppard song im sorry :smiley:

Love Bites


Classic group, think they were more appreciated over the pond than here, some brilliant accoustic vids on youtube as well.

were cracking in their days, pyromania was a bit more rocking than hysteria and was wot started me on the road of metal, and van halen, lol.

see em wiv the snake at wemb still v good

were doing joe elliots scrap books etc for him.

he walked in the shop couple of months back we was recommended to him by led zep/rob plant, lol

Saw them a couple of years ago and thought they were great.