Lee's Big Morning - Report :)

Lee’s Big Morning - Report

Obviously got to be careful not to have too much of a go at the driver as to prejudice any claims but here is what REALLY happened ( no matter how he sees it ) … Points of contention in Bold

So bright yellow bike, lights on riding down Green Gate Street below the speed limit ( not long pulled away from the lights ) and on the right is a petrol station. Without looking a while van just pulls out, across both lanes and into mine… As I’m not going fast easy enough to apply the brakes heard enough to avoid any incident, although you could see the guys passenger saying something like "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiittt ".

Anyway, escaping run in number one with the van driver ( we’ll call him Mr Christmas ) , he the accelerated away down Green Gate Rd to the junction with " Withheld Road ", where the red chevron become a right turn box ( see pic ).

At this point I indicate left and proceed down the road ( he is in the right turn box )… At this point he turns LEFT !! Hitting me and knocking me off the bike … Deciding that the first attempt at the petrol station wasn’t good enough.

Here’s where the stories differ ( a lot )

He says that he was indicating left to turn and I just tried to but up the inside of him… The reason that he move out over the road as there was a car with the door open.

I say : CRAP CRAP CRAP … Yes there were parked cars on the left ( its a normal road ) but none had their doors open. If they had I would have planted myself into the door and not met with a van. But as has just been pointed out to me by the insurance company even if I was going up the inside of him it is HIS responsibility to make sure the way is clear while turning left… The reason I put that is I didn’t actually know that !!

But here is where it gets really interesting …

Where the accident happened it was outside a petrol station / tyre shop… While waiting for the police an WHILE they were in attendance, he had to two rear tyres changed !!! ( see pic )

Also at the time of the accident and again subsequently afterwards, the van was carrying two passengers in the back ( with all the paint etc etc ). There are NO seats in the back of the van so the passengers were not strapped in ( this I’m told is an important point ) .

Again got a picture of people getting in the back .

So the plan at the present is as I have only third party fire and theft I need to get the bike repaired myself . but as I have legal cover they are going to look to get all my costs of the bike, my lost work ( since I’m self employed ), my helmet ( it’s now been used ) , my summer jacket , trousers and boots as well as any other expenses… I cant tell you how invaluable the extra £25 on the policy was… BUY THE LEGAL COVER !!!

Got to say the police were fantastic… They have expressed a no intention to prosecute to anyone ( which is always handy ) .

Will post some pictures of the damage later, but right now I need some help just getting the clutch pedal set and I’ll be on the road again :slight_smile:

sorry to hear that mate, sad day when your pride and joy goes down and it’s caused by some idiot not knowing where they are going … !

Legal cover is awesome…sorted me out before so dont worry too mcuh this guy will get his just deserts…although i hope that he has insurance to claim from!

On my last off was able to claim for helmet, gloves, leathers etc off my home contents insurance. Could be useful.

Good luck with the claim… as long as they are insured then you should be ok If not the MIB get involved and that takes time as i am now finding out…


I’ve got a botched gear leaver for an SV, you can have if you want it. It’s not pretty but it will get you back on the road. If it’s just the spigot that’s snapped off, it’s easily sorted with toe spiggot from harris racing (about £6.00) a drill and a grinder.

Drop me a PM if you want the leaver and if you want me to sort the broken one.

Glad you’re alright.

Its bad news and sounds like the normal fight to get out of blame etc. Its a shame that the police will not prosecute the van driver, sounds like he commited a fair few offences that I am sure the members of the constabulary on here can point out.

I wish you lots of luck.

Were plod not interested in the fact he got tyres replaced in a hurry???

Good luck with the claim.

Paint fumes I tell you

Main thing is you are OK!

Thanks but the insurance company want to take the bike away and loan me a new one :slight_smile:

I was going to get it fixed as there is a gear change set on eBay for £10 but they are saying if I do that and the bike is road legal then the other side could argue it’s all ok and I wont get my fairing damage paid for…

Loan bike arrives tomorrow with new helmet and jacket so all is well, but I wont be riding this weekend after all ( or working !!! )

Yup legal cover is well worth it. I got my car repaired and a brand new courtersy car for a month at £45 a day while mine was repaired all for £20! Result!

Hope it gets sorted soon mate.

That’s another job for Dan! dan, where are you mate? Look to the sky and see the LB logo projected in the cloude, lol

Nice idea Cezar! Can we mount a spotlight on the roof at Cubana! PMSL

Damn, damn, damn, sorry to read about it Lee! You did the right thing with all the pictures! The beggar clearly has everything against him! Did you show the Police the picture of them changing the tires? Good luck getting this resolved, glad you’re not hurt!

Cheers Jay…

As for the pictures of the Tyre changing, the police where THERE when the 2nd tyre was being changed… I did calmy point this out to them .

Soz bout ur bike mate, but at least ur ok, your right with the £25 being well spent, I’ve used it twice so far and am using them again since mybike was knoced over - best money you’ll ever spend, just make sure u keep ALL your receipts for bus, tube, and anything u can think of!

Bloody hell Lee, looks like this twat had it in for you!! Some people eh!! Shouldn’t be behind a wheel… Hope you’re ok fella?

If you get an engeiners report done on the bike with lots of photos, then you will be ok to repair the bike yourself.
If you do take their bike, check with them first if you have to pay them anything for the loan bike if they change their mind on whos to blaim.
ps. I have several spare peices plus a front left panel in original condition i think.