Lee Evans Tickets x 2

Hi Guys.

George has 2 Lee Evans tickets for sale. They are for the MEN arena in Manchester, on Sunday 16th November. (That’s a week this sunday.)
http://www.men-arena.com/arena/?page_id=76 You can still get cheap train, coach and megabus tickets.

George paid £80 for them, so that’s all he wants, if there’s no interest on here, he’s going to sell them on ebay.

If anyone wants them pm georgeyboy or pm me for his mobile number.

oh the 16th tell george no can do, COD5 comes out on the 14th and not even lee evans will make me part company from my 360 that weekend…

in actual fact unless I’m being blown by some well fit celeb that I can make like £10k from selling the story £100’000’000 if it’s a bloke :w00t: then it will not happen

went to see him on sat night i havent laughed so much in a long time , hes one funny guy :cool: