Lee Evans live Wembley in September

Is anyone going to Wembley Stadium to see Lee Evans?

Bought me ticket last year as soon as the dates were announced and tickets were ready, now pondering what I shall do with the bike.
I’m going there on Friday the 16th, anyone else going that date. Can lock 'em together then or something.

If not, what’s the situation re: bike parking around Wembley Stadium?

I’m seeing him on 1st of october at the O2 well looking forward to it.

if you ride straight up Engineers Way and turn into Olympic way and ride straight up to end on the left you should see bikes parked actually on paved concourse next to a bench. This is free to park there as the property belongs to Webley Stadium. Occasionally a guy in a high viz jacket might try to charge you £5 …this is to park in the car park in the open ! The area on concourse is free…I have been parking there for years along with loads of other bikes

brilliant, cheers superoli :slight_smile:

sleeper: Aye, been jumping in circles to finally see him live :w00t: :w00t:

Fook Lee Evans. Come to a night with the Moto-King, Up the creek Greenwich…September 10th… Be there or be square…

yer snap, next on my hit list is Michael McIntrye