Where can I get some ? :slight_smile:

whys that? is it for ya blade?:smiley:

Maplin sell the bare LED’s, if you want to make something or if you want somehting pre-made then any chavtastic car “tuning” shop will have a good selection . . . what do you want them for ?

What kind you after? Maplins is the best place and probably the cheapest for weather proof ones!


Cheers Chaps, I’ll have a look at there site :slight_smile:

There to light the road up, under me bike whilst I ride along, thinking green one’s :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen the light, there for me indicators :wink:

I’ve done a conversion on me XJR, they do some super bright orange ones, but you’ll need to buy some resistors. 470ohh per led or M1K1 resistors in a parallel circuit of 3.

Hope that makes sense?

Aint got a clue :hehe: But there defo have what I want, and I’ll be an expert on em by the time I come outa there :smiley:

Cheers Fella’s :cool:

I’ll make them up for ya if you want? just get me the leds, I’ve got loads of resistors and cable. I’m making me tail light at the weekend.

Nice one Tel :slight_smile: I’ll send you a pm with me idea and see if it’s posible :slight_smile:

wat you gona put them in your helmet then:hehe:

You fo oking little pervert :w00t: