LED's are fitted!

A lot of hassle whole front end had to come off and I had to ride back from Morden in the pouring rain.

It’s a very bad picture taken with my camera phoen I will take some decent ones tomorrow. I think I am going to leave them white I like em.

The picture doesn’t do it justice very happy.



Don’t like it…at least from this photo…

i cant c it but i love LEDS!

What’s that? Looks like something from close encounters.

Mebbe see it over the weekend / tonight Terry?

It’s the 2 tiny dots under the headlights. As I said it was taken in the pouring rain with my camra phone looks lot better in the flesh.

Judgement reserved until seen in the flesh then. Take it you will be chaving up the Ace tonight? Maybe catch you there as I am supposedly out and about, well thats the plan.

I will be up the ace the ealier part of the evening from about quarter past seven onwards but I won’t be staying all night may leave about 9ish. See you there.

Cool. Not sure what happens up there but myself and Storm In A D Cup should be there about 18:30 ish. Hopefully catch up with you. Look out for my ZX6R, its filthy dirty thanks to commuting through crap weather this week.

Will do mate. Mine is also dirty road in the crap weather last night!

Look forward to seeing them in person Tel. See you tonight.

Saw the LED’s yesterday. Didnt think they looked that bad coz they arent in yer face - how LED’s should be IMO.