led tail light bulbs

anyone use these? do they make much difference to standard bulbs?


They last a heck of a lot longer for a start… Apparently some bikes might have “blown light” indicators that get upset by LED bulbs as they generally draw far less current than a std filament bulb.

Shop around and you may get them cheaper too…

You should be able to compensate for that by using the right resistors.

yeah I know… aint explaining ohms law to all & sundry

reason i was looking at those ones is theyre higher power- 240000

will they be super bright tho?

(all these flash boys with theyre led rear lights make mine look like blown out candles!)

have you washed out the lens and given the bulbs a wipe?

hmmmm, i cud try that…

only u have to take the whole back of the fecking bike apart, so didnt see point doing that unless im replacing bulbs, then do it all in one go

Alternatively replace your Yamaha with a Honda as Yam’s are now confirmed as officially sh!te post MotoGP lol

I’ve thought about changing mine to LED’s, too…try this site:


I’ve used the Ultraleds co for all my LED’s now and both the price and service have always been very good.

This http://www.ultraleds.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=44&products_id=1301&osCsid=5e419e0de0c312d33391fd3cce21dfe0 will improve your rear end brightness. Costly but nice and bright for these dark winter eves.

Remember, if your light lense is RED, then RED led’s will show-up brighter than white Led’s.

oooo ultra leds are very bright…

though they dont seem to do a two colour version like the one i posted above (the white to illuminate the number plate.)

prob is if i get some of those high power ultraleds, itd have to be white, which seeing they are soo bright, would probably not look very red, even through the lense, wot u reckon?

I’d go for the white ones…but remember, you need the ones that illuminate brighter for the brake lights.

Or replace the entire light unit with an LED one. My 12 now has an LED light unit with integrated indicators … makes the tail end look very tidy.

Ive got a similar set to the ebay ones shwon on my biker…they are damn bright and look really awesome at night…

Ok, I’ve just fitted these from Ultraleds to my ZX636-A…

Not as trick as a complete tail light unit, but even so, looks far better and brighter than the original bulbs.

Next on the list are some flush fitting front indicators, and some mini-rears.