LED rear lights on the CBR600

wanted a LED rear unit with built in indicators, but most ones I could fine in the uk, were £75 and upwards, so looked on the bay of E, good old chinese stuff, got this one for £41 WITH FREE DELIVERY it took 12 days to get here, and an hour to fit it, I think it looks great, better once I get another rear panel, but fitting was easy, unbolt old one, take out bulbs, the new one has the bayonet of a bulb wired into it, so simply plug it in, indicators have only one wire each, plug them into your wires and all sorted, no need for resistors either

video a bit poor, but you get the idea


Do they pass the MOT?

I don’t see why not, only stipulates that you must have indicators and many new bikes have inbuilt indicators.

Isn’t there a rule about a distance between indicators?

Assume it is something to do with being difficult to tell if the indicator is on when the brake is activated?

Did a little check and found this.

" The precise position and angle of visibility of direction indicators are not part of this inspection, but they must be on each side of the longitudinal axis of a solo machine. "

“this inspection” relates to the fact that it was an MOT Manual for Motorbikes. Found here.

The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1989/1796/schedule/7/made)Says

  1. Position–

(b) Lateral–

Minimum separation distance between indicators on opposite sides of a vehicle–

(B)A solo motor bicycle having an engine exceeding 50 cc and first used on or after 1st April 1986–

(1)Front indicators:

300 mm(2)Rear indicators:

240 mm

I don’t know what this has to do with MOT requirements - but knew I’d read it on a different thread about them before :slight_smile:

they will at our place,

they can certainly be seen, and as far as Im concerned (as the rider) far better than quite a few of the micro mini rear indicators Ive seen on a ride to high beech today, I as a biker still had trouble seeing them, and I knew where to look, wereas car drivers could/would easily miss them

as for wether they are 100% kosha, I suppose the same could be asked about exhausts and number plates, yet most of us tend to bend the rules a little on those items,without a second thought about them.as for MOT’s, seeing that an mot is technically only warented for the day it was issued, you lot sound like a bunch of pussies, if indicators are fitted, they need to work to pass, but there is no stipulation that YOU MUST HAVE THEM, therefore, even if they were not good enough to pass an mot, simply unplugging the two wires, thus giving you no rear indicators, would be a pass,

ok, so popped into the mot station today with kaos, and asked about the rear lights, yes technically they are not mot passable, but as they said, its a cloudy area, and they would pass them, along with the illegal small number plates, and illegal zorsts, and the “missing” sidelights that alot of aftermarket headlight/nosecones dont have, and that as already stated, its only while the mot is being carried out that any of this really matters, they dont expect customers to swap everything over on their bikes just for that hour:D