LED indicators

does anyone know how to make LED indicators?

thinking of a trip to maplins,what will i need to buy?

or can you get custom made ones?

you can buy LED’s and put them straight onto a fairing panel

or are you looking to make a normal looking indicator?

would it not be easier to just buy one?

M8 of mine done just the above, put leds into his plastics, maplins should be able to advise yer wot ya need etc, resistors/leds.

i got a guy of fazer owners club to make up bespoke pcb board for me for my fazer, so i could keep the original lens, but have super bright leds

right off to maplins for me,hhmmmm

wheres my nearest maplins. DOHH

If your going to keep the existing casings, just buy some LED replacement “bulbs”. (Plenty of sources on the net.)

If you want something neater, search the net as there are loads out there. Even my local Halfords sell them. Probably cheaper and certainly less agro than making your own, and they come with a warranty.


i agree,but i love a challenge.

i want to get rid of the orginals there just to BIG:D

Good to know there are still people who are up for the challenge.

Now remind me who is the saint for lost causes. I’ve spent years in his domain.