Leaving the cubana

Was just wondering after the hassle about people leaving the cubana down lower marsh with noise of exhaust etc would it be poss to leave by the way you come in?

I know it no entry from cubana but such a short distance wondered if could sort of get permission to do so? i know it not legal but if some 1 was to see pepes out of there it would stop people leaving down lower marsh and residents not getting annoyed of hearing the exhausts etc.

See wot the filth say, i know some1 was in contact with em.

Someone ??? … So as a newbie which distinguished and eloquent individual holds the title of LB Police Liaison Officer for such a notable group of reputable, civil-minded bikers.

You might wanna ask Trojan’s view on this, but I wouldn’t refer to him as “da filth” mind…

You’ll see

Good idea but I doubt they would bend the rules for us but more likely say just leave the wide open throttle action until you have left the street I am guessing.

If you do that you will be breaking the law… Better go through Lower marsh but just do not over-rev your bike

You can’t ride the bike the wrong way up a one way street but I think you could push it up the road or over the pavement as long as the engine is not running. You’d just be wheeling it into position.

Surely it’s not that difficult to keep your throttle hand under control for the 10 seconds it takes to ride the correct way out??

Er, so I shouldnt have riden over the pavement last week. Oops, Weaver, where were you to tell me off?

i’m sure trojan has been called a lot worse and wont hurt his feelings too much!

No doubt there but why hurt them even a little bit?

I reckon that if we can potter up the road that’ll be enough. Wheeling them out is a possibility but I’d drop mine for sure. I’d ask LMRR or AbbeyJ for help as they are experts at bike pushing. Really

Hiya …

No feelings hurt, I’ve been called a lot worse and no doubt so have you as a biker - I don’t get upset about it though.

There is just no way that permission would be given for any of us to leave by way of going through the no entry the wrong way.

Of course it makes sense but those that make the rules etc don’t usually take common sense into consideration.

The easiest way to resolve any of this is a bit of self policing amongst ourselves and no high revs in lower marsh. Mind if you all had the same can that I had it wouldn’t make any difference !

If others come along and start taking the mickey then a polite word, tact and good humour should work … if not then we can resort to other means but hopefully not. At the end of the day as has been said a million times before, this is LB’s meet and it will be up to them (fully supported by us of course) on what action they want to take if any.

I am not one to often agree with a Policeman “What do you mean constable with out due car and attention, I assure you I have to take a great deal of care not to let the other wheel come off the ground too”, however, This is our meet!

The people who run this forum for us, put a great deal of work into getting this meet going and it would be a shame if the actions of the few caused it to be closed.

However, with echoes of Chelsea bridge still ringing in my ears, can I just say that we cause no more noise then any of the chavs with loud exhausts living near by, its just we are more conspicuous in our numbers.

i have been to the cubana only a couple of times and can appreciate the problem, but bleedin ell it aint rocket science. when you leave do it quietly. the next thing you know we wil have to appoint playground monitor.

Lets orginise a compitition for who can leave whilst making the least noise, first prize: a packet of jelly babies

and try to keep the revs sensible on the main road outside the carpark after you’ve gotten clear of marsh and the other little side roads - its tempting to roar past the crowd on the way out but giving it the berries then will probably annoy the residents almost as much.

get past the lights then playtime!

really like the cubana. fun meet. would be cool if the residents feel the same way. I’m happy to open up the bike elsewhere

Sounds sensible to keep the revs down rather than over complicate the arrangement.

Only been twice but both times I didn’t leave quietly to be honest. Now we know residents have taken issue with it we should respond and keep it down - I know I will now. Mind you I do wonder now if us just being there and leaving if only on tick over will still be an annoyance to them. You’d think that they lived in central london!

I leave over the pavement and turn right onto Baylis Road… does that mean I’m allowed to make more noise than going down Lower Marsh?

No, it means that you will get busted for an illegal manouvre…

Bah… I’ll start polishing my halo once you find yours

snappy comeback R ? LoL