Leaving helmets outside...

I have potentially naive question but still curious - what do you do with your helmets when you say go to the park/pub with your mates/gfs/wifes etc?

How safe is it to chain it with the bike (say, chain to the tire)? Or it is really not a good idea and best to take it with you?

I have shoei xr-1000, just in case…

I would personally not lock it to the bike as I don’t trust half of the people walking about. No doubt you will come back to it being scracthed and broken. I usually just carry it around with me, you can also get helmet bags though which I guess is more convenient.

Sod leaving my helmet anywhere out in the open, Its coming with me! :slight_smile:

There have been stories of people peeing in helmets left with bikes. Mine comes with me everytime. No way I’m leaving it on the bike.

NEVER leave your helmet unattended. They’re your last defence against loss of life, it’s not worth it! Besides, I know of helmets being nicked like this, damaged, and even tramps pissing in them.

Most people don’t realise how “fragile” helmets are (i.e. a good kick and you won’t notice the damage until it’s too late). So even in places I trust, like work, I never leave my helmet around where people could, accidentally or not, kick it or knock it over.
So leaving it outside in a public place is just a nono.


They aint called P!$$ pots for nothing;):smiley:

I regularly leave helmets locked to the bike in the little catches provided, never experienced any problems.

As far as YOU know !! :stuck_out_tongue:

:laugh: well urine can only improve the smell of my crash helmet, after the shampoo i’ve been using. And didn’t the Romans use urine as a cleaning agent when they did their laundry?

lol - p*ss head :wink:

I wouldnt do it in central London, but a country pub? Sure.

Same here :wink:

I live out in the country, but still wouldn’t leave my helmet anywhere I couldn’t see it because:

It could be noticeably damagedIt could be unnoticeably damagedIt could be nickedIt cost a lot of fuggin money!You paid for it - look after it and it will look after you :smiley:

Well, how can you nick it as long as its chained to the bike?

Only with the bike, no? But then I have a bigger problem ofcourse…

So the question is more of a what are the chances that some idiots will **** or damage the helmet in, i dont know, some parks ets (Richmond, Greenwhich etc) around London?

Any experiences?

But thanks for replys to date :slight_smile:

That wasn’t the only method of securing the helmet mentioned:

Certainly nickable that way.

And besides, if they nick your bike with your helmet chained to it, you lose your helmet as well, which for most folk will be the equivalent of doubling your excess. Got money to burn? Go for it :smiley:

I think we need to make a few assumptions first.

  1. People are generally bastards

  2. People are generally bastards

With these two assumptions I would never leave my helmet chained to my bike. Assuming the above some youth might kick it or scratch up the visor or do all manner of bad things just because of the assumption.

I’d leave a helmet in a top box or in the underseat storage of a scooter but nowhere else about the bike.

You forgot the other one:3. People are generally bastards :smiley:

How fu**ing depressing you lot are.

I leave mine fixed tight to the carrier with a short chain around the chin bar. Never had a problem.

Mind you, I buy cheapish helmets and I’m not paranoid about the “what if it’s been knocked” stuff. You spend £300, what’s to say it’s not been dropped in the shop?

Please be realistic. These things have been through a long supply chain before you buy them. They’re well packed in the box but…

Morning Oldguy :smiley:

What you say is very true, but IMHO, all we can do is try to minimise the risk by taking control of the things we can influence i.e.- after we’ve bought the helmet and we are responsible for it. We have no control over what happens to it pre-purchase so no point in worrying about that.

Still, like I said, that’s just my opinion :smiley: