leaving for macau GP

just to let people know that i am heading to macau tonight for the macau GP.

i will be running a couple of porsche 911 GT3 race cars, but the best thing about the weekend is without a doubt the motorbike GP!!! (imagine monaco with bikes!!) no run off anywhere, and steel armco on most corners. michael rutter was the winner for the last two times that i have been, and some amazing pictures can usually be had. will try and send back pictures and updates for those interested in a bit of real road racing. keep it sticky side down people, matt

Some people have all the luck LOL. Nice one Matt, will look forward to hearing about it. I’ve followed the racing there in the past and it does look pretty spectacular. Not a place to bin it thats for sure.

Have a safe trip Matt! Enjoy every second of it, I’m sure that the sould of every biker here will be with you! Take loads of pics to make us even more jelous!

Good luck Matt, look forward to the pics n updates

Enjoy yoursef Matt. Look forward to seeing some nice snaps of the event.

You lucky, lucky bugger Matt All the best, please DO take photos (800x600 minimum for gallery pictures fella!) and enjoy yourself. I wonder if it’s going to be on telly…