i know you get what you pay for…

so i take it with the average price for decent leathers being around the £650 mark these must be no better than riding in shorts? i dont understand much about mbike clothing yet but even to me that price rings alarms…or would you say its worth it?


Look fine. Why don’t you go down to Wembley and pick them up, its only West London and you can check them out and save yourself £24.

You get what you pay for and a few suits sell on brand name alone. Buying last years design can save you money.As can buying second hand.

Do you want a 1 piece or 2 piece suit? Do you need a race hump if you are just nipping to the shopd?

LB went to visit these guys not so long ago and we were impressef…


but its a ‘safety suit’ dont ya know :w00t:

Why would you spend a fortune on a new(ish) bike and then buy pony cheapo leathers?

It looks like you ran out of cash.

And has been said you get what you pay for. Whilst leather might be leather there are a number of things to consider that could be the difference between a £120 and a £400-500 suit. The thickness of the leather, the quality of the stitching and zips, the quality of the armour. All the things that really matter if you have the poor misfortune of coming off your bike.


Pick up something mid-range to start, unless you’ve got the mony to go further. Don’t forget also, about waterproofs/textiles/luggage/rucksacks?

All adds up :slight_smile:

He couldn’t get finance on the leathers maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:


if you cant afford decent leathers get decent textiles… come winter (a few weeks still) you wont be using the leathers anyway!

I looked into buying a pair of leathers exactly like those a year ago or two. When I checked the leather grading the listing I saw was made out of repressed leathers, which meant the quality of them was absolutely the lowest. Meaning they would come apart like cloth if put under any stress.

It does look ok, but they are not stocked in Wembley, but shipped from Pakistan or China, although the ebay account is registered in the UK.
so if you intend collecting them yourself make sure your passport is up to date :slight_smile:

check their feedback, the only negs or neutrals on their leathers are to do with slow delivery, no complaints about quality…


Said it before, I’ll say it again. Go to the George White outlet in Shoreditch (it’s the downstairs bit) and check out their stuff. I got myself FT (month before they went bust unfortunately) leather two-piece for £190 all in. Last season, but I couldn’t give a shit. Hell somebody even complemented my stuff this morning come to think of it.

Edit: and that stuff looks awful man. Shiny and awful.

much better off buying secondhand leathers on ebay if money is tight. Quite often you can get almost unused suits for peanuts! Just go and try on some decent suits from various manufacturers in a bike shop then look for the same brand suits in your size on ebay 2nd hand! :smiley:

as an example:

iLLzYZF (29/03/2011)

i know you get what you pay for…so i take it with the average price for decent leathers being around the £650 mark these must be no better than riding in shorts? i dont understand much about mbike clothing yet but even to me that price rings alarms…or would you say its worth it?

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180471511813#ht_2831wt_1139[/quote]how about my leathers fu.ck nuts?£200 quid for some race leathers, black and white. 750-800 new. Hardly worn. Never crashed in, pretty much in perfect condition, bit of dirt on the front but nothing hardcore. http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic718237-40-1.aspx

Have a good look round and try on loads of different makes sizes etc as some makes will fit pukka and some tell lies!!:w00t: Never buy the first you like as something better will always come along when you’ve spent up…:doze:

Hein Gericke do some cheap leathers (especially if they have one of their promotions on), and like Wasp says, at least you can try them on. Also, you can take them back if they break.
I know they’re not going to be the same as some more upmarket brands, as you said, you get what you pay for, but if you are going cheap, I would personally opt for a more established brand, or like other people suggest, something second hand.

Also, have a look in George White in Shorditch, the basement is one of their outlet stores now, and they have cracking deals on sometimes: http://shop.georgewhite.co.uk/factory-outlet

It doesnt say how thick the leather is, so they could easily be crap. Try on some expensive ones and these and check the differences.

HG leathers are very good for the money, i bought a pair of PSX track leathers (2 piece) for 200- jacket- and for 180-bottoms, that was 4 years ago, i still have them and still wear them.:smiley:

RST- they make soem good leathers for the money, again same kinda price as HG leathers, decent quality for the money.

if you go for expensive, go for Dainese over Alpinestars, or better still buy Arlen Ness- great quality leather!

textiles are more practical but dont offer the same abrasion resistance as leather…unless its a pro shell material- equivelent to 1.5mm leather.

That George White site has some bloody good deals. BKS off the peg leathers for £300?!?!? Alpinstars for £380? It’s a no-brainer really.