leathers for lurch

I’ve been trying for months now to get myself a good leather jacket, my problem is that I’m 6,2" average build and I just can’t find a jacket that fits right, they are either too short or they won’t zip up all the way, I wouldn’t consider myself an abnormal size or shape so I guess I’m not the only person on here who has the same problem, can anyone recommend a good store that has crazy amounts of choice when it comes to clothing or maybe a store that offers tailoring?

What you can do is get a size bigger that is the right length (basically that doesn’t make you look like a belly dancer:P) and take it to our resident alterations lady Wasp


the more expensive route would be to get made to measure.

if you find one that fits everywhere but is to short i can put an extension waistband on it, not a big job to do;)

I’ve got a similair problem. 6"3, slim build. I tried tons of jackets on yesterday at Excel, and they we’re all coming up short in the body and arms.

I spoke to a few guys obn various stands that if you get the standard sixe that fits around the chest and waist, they can make a new jacket up with the correct length on the arms and body.

Variety of prices, and I’m interested to hear others views on alternatives offering this service. ArcOn was at the high end of the price scale, something like £750 for a 1 or 2 piece suit, which is a bit rich for me.

I think 2 piece will suit my needs better, and I can get the jacket first and the jeans later to spread the cost.

Wolf could do the jacket and jeans for £175 a piece, which I thought was reasonable, but I wasn’t blown away by the three designs they are able to customise.

I also picked up a card form this guy www.gpleathers.com. I think he was suggesting something like £500.

Can anyone point either of us in the right direction?

And what should I be asking about in terms of the quality of the leather/protection etc…

The different prices must reflect some differences in quality…??

Have a punt around on line to find out about leather stuff for bike gear. Or ask Wasp.

If you do the first, have a look at what BMW on offer which will be a good bench mark. (Then you go looking for sensible prices. Or take out a new mortgage.)