Leathers for a short ar$e?

Hi all,

hoping I can get some suggestions for 2 piece leathers for track - and road preferably. I’m 5’8 and weigh in at 14 stones (~>90KGs?) Any how not much fits. Arms too long or legs too long. I’m about 30" inside leg and about 44" chest.

So far the only thing that fit is alpinestars octane which i had to mix n match size to fit. But any other options? Cos thats pretty much track only for me…

Any place to go thats got some variety to try on would be good too.

Thx in advance!


last time i bought leathers (a while back, lol) they had different lengths in the 1 waist size, J&S accessories.

Richa do short leg version and i’m sure some other makes do too. I also have the same leg length and RST trousers fitted me very nicely, ever so slightly long but not when on the bike. To counter the extra length I pulled the trousers up by the calf when putting on the boots and this gave more flex when bending my knees. RST do a 2 piece. Best bet is go try on loads of makes, each fit differently. J&S have a good range as well as George Whites, those are the two shops I buy from.

Look at RST… im same sort of measurements mate and got a v nice RST voltage suit from BF show last year for £150… is very heavyweight… reallt nice fit and looks really good.

Very chuffed with both the suit and the 50% off…

I’ve got a pair of Richa’s. 32 Short. That’s 32 waist, and an inside leg of about 30, fit me perfectly. Ok not cheap but feel so comfortable on. :smiley:

If your struggling to find leathers that fit have you thought about having a set altered? There’s a company called the leather workshop (google them) who can alter most leathers. I was recommended them after struggling to find a 1 piece suit with shorter legs. E-mailed Debbie (the lady that does it) and been quoted £65 providing no graphics need to be moved.

I had my Richa leathers I use for track altered by our very own Wasp, got them for a good price but legs and arms needed taking up, Wasp done a fab job on them so maybe think about it if you find a set you like but they don’t fit 100%.

or cos we are on this site ask wasp to do the alterations, look in the praise bit and you will see a load of testament for her.

Cool. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to go shopping again now.

RST 2 piece here, happy fatty n shortar$e sizes a treat :slight_smile:

oh n comfy as well :slight_smile:

I’m a short arse with a 30" leg and i wear Alpinestar leathers which fit fine.

£600? :frowning:

Where are you based… i might be selling 2 pairs of leathers… a 2 peice IXS in black/grey and a 1piece RST in RED/White/Black.

Both fit me so should be ok with you… im SW18 - Wandsworth. PM for pics aand priced if interested.