Leathers - Breaking them in . . .

So i have finally got my self some leathers - admitadly it is a 1 piece (which i found comfier than a 2 piece), what is the best way to break them in.

I am used to wearing jeans on the bike, so leg movement is V Easy, but in leathers it seems a little slower harder to reach the pegs. I am assuming this is because they are brand new. Back is aching a little aswell, but i am again assuming its because i am not in a loose textile jacket.

What is best way to loosten them up, and let them stretch a little?

Long ride, or wear them around the house, or just loose a couple of inches (which i want to do anyway!!)

If it helps, they are made by Technic (I think thats how you spell it!!)


Chris (Looks like a fat power ranger now!)

lend em to smiled, he’ll break them in for you and put genuine road rash on them. :slight_smile:

I could fit him in my left leg i think - I suppose i could stretch a limb a time!

You should do what squaddies tell recruits to do. Pi$$ on them as it softens the leather up. ;):D:D:D

Somebody said riding a push bike wearing them is best but not sure would go for that!

I say just wear them and they will soften and you will get used to them-even when softened they will still feel more restrictive than jeans. Getting stuck in a downpour on the first day I had mine helped.

I found using a leather feed worked realy well too, makes the leather more supple so it bends easier. I used Autoglym leather feed for car seats initially then the proper stuff, Nikwax Leather restorer I think.