Another gear question; I’ve been wanting a 1 piece leather suit for a while and plan to get one in the new year. I’ve found one I like which I have tried on previously but they only have the 40 in stock. I’m normally a 38-40 but this particular suit (by Dainese) is TIGHT! When I tried it on, I couldn’t zip it up, there just under an inch gap between the zip teeth. It fits my arms and legs it’s just my damn bum!

I’ve got two pairs of leathers; my black pair are falling to bits and are very baggy on me, when I bought them, they fit fine, not tight. My other pair fit perfectly after buying them very tight.

I know leather gives after continuous wear but in this case I can’t even zip them up lol.

My question is, can they be adjusted easily and if so, does anyone know anyone who can do this.
If you have experience getting leathers adjusted, can you tell me how much it cost and if the results were good?

Thank you☺️

As you know, leather stretches with use, and it doesn’t take too long to happen. it will fit you within a week of constant use. Is there any reason you want the Dainese? have you tried the RST leathers? they are really nice, they are really comfy and best off half the price of Dainese. I had a 1 piece Dainese i paid over a grand for about 10 years ago and i can honestly say my RST leathers are every bit as good as those ones. Plus they are race proven as 90% of British Superstock riders and BSB riders wear RST

Oh shit…I forgot to make a joke about you having a Fat Arse!!!

have you considered made to measure from this company?


I’ve not seen RST leathers for women before, also I try to avoid leathers with swirls, butterflies and pink (I love pink but it clashes with my bike lol) so my choices are quite limited.

You didn’t forget Sam, you’re just aware that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stone :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Alba they do look good but the basic will cost considerably more than the suit I want (which is on sale too)

RST do Ladies leathers and they are exactly the same designs as the blokes ones, you should check them out, they are actually really cheap for what they are. I’m not sure if the top of the range ones are cut for Ladies but they are under £600 and are what the racers wear off the peg

Just looked and the RST stuff for Ladies is only 2 piece

I’d love to help but am stick with this image of you squeezing into tight leather. Any pictures?

Errmmmmm, if the 40’s too tight, why don’t you just order a 42 from someone else, or is that too simple a solution???

@Sam it’s a ball ache finding decent leathers for women, a lot of companies don’t really cater for the female form😅
@Desmond haha I don’t think the reality will conform to your imagination, especially with my fat arse as Sam so eloquently put it :sob:

@Janey I can’t find a 42 anywhere and besides, my sister has a 42 Dainese jacket which I’ve tried on and it’s far too baggy on me. The 40 fits everywhere but just won’t zip up the bum area 

my advice get the tightest set that you can squeeze into they will stretch.

I had the same issues - Dainese 40 two pieces and separates are perfect for me, but couldn’t get a 40 one piece past my thighs :blush:

Worth trying the larger sized one piece

Tight is right!

Give Hideout leathers or Nine Lives a call, they do alterations.
Sorry can’t post links from my phone…

Hill4Leather is another, I’ve not personally used any of them, but I’ve seen others that have.

Nooooooooooo, not nine lives. He’s crap - and he’s also stopped traiding.

Taking one piece leathers out is going to be pretty expensive as all the seams need to be unpicked and new panels cut and inserted. You’re going to be far better off just getting a bigger suit in the first place.

Ahh, two out of three ain’t bad. I thought nine lives’ website looked weird.

I think I’ll take Janeys advice and size up. It’s one think for them to be snug, but I can’t even zip them up :sweat_smile: I found them in a 42 but in all black not white like I wanted but at least black is slimming lol

Check the return policy BEFORE you hit the pay button. Some companies do free returns, so if your credit card if fully loaded, you could order a couple of sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit.

Or just go for a pair of spanx underneath :grin:

Have you looked on the actual dainese site? They do free shipping on most orders.

But a one piece? As a laydee??? Have you though this one through? Think of the practicalities of  manky public loos or emergency pee stops behind a handy tree :dizzy_face:

Get a She Wee and just pee like a Geeza!!!