Leather vs Gore-tex in this heat?

Big question for you lot!

Gore-tex or leather…which is cooler to wear and I don’t mean in a fashion sense…in a turning me into a roasting sweating blob of heat sat on top of my already roasting engine…

My Gore-tex is SERIOUSLY over-heating me…would a leather option be cooler overall…or just as bad?

Views… please before I melt!

Dude I prefer leathers as it’s a natural substance so will breathe.

Maybe a good idea to visit BabyJ and get some summer kit? A mate of Chuffster’s was wearing a very good Hein Gericke summer jacket which had full CE armour but was very breathable. He bought it for a forthcoming biking holiday to Namibia so you can’t get much hotter than that.

My alpine stars jacket has vents in which gives a good breeze but not much good for when you’re stuck in traffic!

Leathers are just as hot mate

Can’t say as I’ve only got leather, but I suspect the answer is going to be something along the lines of, ‘go see BabyJ at Infinity Gt Portland Street for some vented stuff’. I’m pretty sure that Jay will testify to its effectiveness.


I’m wearing a Joe Rockett mesh jacket in the summer heat. I’ve added the water proof liner (which now comes standard:mad and find it’s very useful. I’ll wear a microfiber or mess shirt and the JR jacket and it’s very comfortable. Unfortunately I’ve been down in the JR mess jacket also and it performed perfectly!

Over heating and dehydration can affect focus and concentration and lead to accidents. My $0.02.

In this heat everything is hot. My leathers have perforations to allow air in, no good when sat still but great when you are on the move. Make sure you drink gallons of water, you need to keep your hydration level up.

I have bought a HG Air suit, its as naff as they come in style terms, being cream, but with the airflow system and its reflective capacity it’s about the best suit for this weather, you only need to be moving a bit and the vents work.

The downside is that it is completely un waterproof so any summer shower and its soaking inside it.

Cost about £150 the suit.

Neither! I use a textile jacket with loads of vents and a Joe Rocket Sonic with mesh sleaves and both are hot when stoppedl and both good when moving.

As Chuffers says - drink lots (of WATER Barro…)

Guys, guys, guys. Your local jogging/cycling shop does backpacks witgh water bladders for £12, buy one, fill with water and wack in fridge overnight. Ride free and cool. Also offer to other riders at a pound a sip!!!

cool idea and profitable…I like…

Mr Kenobi - you’ve been working too hard, haven’t seen you on here for ages (or maybe it’s me that’s working too hard)

Anyway, heat. I love my Furygan leather jacket, but the venting on it is poor to say the least, so the past couple of days I’ve been wearing my Frank Thomas jacket, which seems to be a lot cooler, possibly because there’s some space around the arms so it doesn’t feel as sweaty

before i destroyed it i was a big user of my dainese mesh jacket. its seen better days now however. will be gettin another…

spend too much time sitting at the lights and its boil in a bag rider, no matter what you’re in tho. best to keep moving…

I use leather trooz and a Dainese leather/textile jacket (not sure of the name) which just lets the air straight through. Nice and cool but can get very cold very fast even on a mild day.

get one of the edz inner liners for that - about the size of a fag packet, and stows under the seat. fleece collar and windproof. they work

I’ve just bought a Summer Blouson from Hein Gericke for £99.99

It’s lightweight, vented, looks Okay and has hyprotech protectors in the elbows, shoulders and back.

Ohh… and it’s cool to wear.

Its all about vented leathers!