leather masters/wizzards?

anybody know the best stuff to clean ya leathers with? i dont think i’ll use saddle soap cos i tried to clean some “FOGGY” style dainese gloves and there ****ed now

also anybody know of a company that will repair crashed leathers, make up and apply logos/desines/names etc, posibly even reline some suits for me?

9 lives over camberley way are good for leather repairs etc.

As for cleaning them, baby wipes my friend.

nice one bruvver!! igot loads of babywipes

you got their phone number/web address chuffster

9 lives, they’re in Farnborough hidden away (& I do mean hidden !) behind the Infinity bike shop 01252-523232

Had a new suit altered there a couple of weeks ago - the thighs needed shortening, it cost me £72 & the work was excellent quality.

Auotglym, they make a full range of very good cleaning kit for bikes as well as a leather cleaner and a leather restored for bike leathers. Top, top stuff.

Hein Gericke sell nikwax products, 2 bottles for 12 quid or so (together) one a cleaner (to clean the crap) and the other a restorer (to feed the leather and make it water repellant) cleaned my leathers but did take some time.