Leather Cleaners

I want to send my leathers away for a proper wash. They are too stinky for a quick wipe over :). I was recommended scrubbers but they don’t seem to be trading anymore.


Anyone else know of similar trustworthy leather cleaners?

Sneaky had his leathers cleaned recently and theres a thread somewhere.

Whoever he used did an amazing job of almost biblical standard;):smiley:

Found it!!!


There used to be an army surplus shop in Victoria that moved to The Cut. A geezer called Kurt cleaned my old Lewis trousers and even waxed the zips, very good job. He charged me £12!

ChunkyMonkey (16/01/2009)

Found it!!!http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic466361-50-1.aspx?[/quote]Thanks ChunkyMonkey! Wow, Sneakys leathers look amazing after!!! :smiley:

Wongster (16/01/2009)

No worries mate, glad to be of service:)The “before” pictures didn’t do them justice to be fair. You could have grown spuds in them:w00t::D:D:D

I understand that Army Surplus has closed down, sorry guys