leather alterations

i got a 1 piece dainese suit and need some adjustments made, any recomendations? im in surrey so nearer the better? thanks :smiley:

PM Wasp, she does all sorts of things with leather, and she’s very good…She’s im Grays, Essex not far from the Dartford Crossing - very easy to get to…

also have to recommend wasp, she makes a mean cuppa to go with the great service, give her a pm!

I will third that, Wasp if very good, and fairly priced.

But whichever way you look at it, unless you live in Essex, Grays is not easy to get to… lol

And PVC if I remember correctly;):D:D:D

I made the trip to see wasp today, took me ages from wycombe but the cuppa was worth the trip, she’ll talk your ears off to haha… sorry wasp!! :wink:

pm sent but no reply :crying:

you could try Stan…He’s on 02077392193

he made this suit from scratch !



Ouch!! boy are my ears burning!! reply to pm sent sorry bout the delay:D

whoopeeeeeeee pm recieved and replied too, thanks dude :smiley: