learning to stunt crashes??


i had a few ickle offs here and there, just thought this was good vid!:smiley:

Few of them looked painfull :pinch: But you cant help laughing at some of em :hehe:Good vid Adam :cool:

Yea, mostly funny as there weren’t that serious :slight_smile:

Still made me wince when the bikes went down :pinch:

Thats what you need tm, some of them big foam blocks…only best strap em to the sides of yer bike :smiley:

That`s a good start to the day for me, making me laugh.:smiley:

Haha… brilliant:D

Thanks for sharing Adam

Hope you get better soon;):D:D

Nice vid there mate, lesson to anyone that thinks you can just ‘do’ stunting on a standard bike…

bloody hell adam…lol…made me laugh mate…rather you than me…lol:D.

when you back ere mate?.


hey ad looks like an lb ride out mate :w00t:

nice and fun to watch :smiley:

Nice one. Those poor bikes take some beatings. :slight_smile:

haha, i’m not in that vid, not sure where its from, but believe me i have had some daft set downs like them!! shane, i’m off to newquay for six weeks so should be home for a bit after that.:slight_smile:

But there was a fat Guy bout half way through, Army issue haircut…thought it was you :rolleyes:

army issue!! the council pays for mine, not the army!:smiley:

You fat c*nt, you comin on route #32 friday ? your leading :slight_smile:

That was like watching Tel’s greatest hits…the kerb, wall, tarmac, nuts etc etc… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Good video, love to have a go on a bike I didn’t have to worry about dropping. :w00t:

pmfsl there’s a shot at 3.21 and 3.22 don’t like were them bars went made me cringe lool:w00t: