learning to play the piano/keyboard

can anyone recommend any good books/dvds etc?I know the basics as i had leasons when i was young, but in those days practising was a chore, and as i grew up it kinda slipped away.

Im hoping its like riding a push bike, you never really forget

any serious suggestions?

I suggest you go and find a piano forum mate and stop boring the pants off us hear.

i could do, but everyone on here are usually such a lovely bunch of helpful people…:Panyway, the general section is titled as an area for all non bike related discussions :stuck_out_tongue:

You still here?

Depends what music you want to play.

Checkout musicroom.com

When you get good, maybe Terry could be your manager :Whistling:

thanks :slight_smile:

Ill have a look on there




Good luck with the learning!!

Being able to play an instrument is something special.