learner ride out

hi all, i very much enjoyed the ride out i did to eastbourne a few weeks ago for learners as i just passed my cbt on my little honda cbr125 and i am wondering if anyone else is gona arrange anything soon… i know the whether has been a bit crap recently but let me know please…:wink:

hi kazz

if you’re wearing THAT little number then i’ll start the queue here for those wanting to arrange SOMETHING for you…



Please excuse Chenster, he’s very excitable:D

Ah bless him, i would say he doesn’t get out much but unfortunately i know thats not true:P

Keep an eye out Kazz and i’m sure something will be going on for you to tag along to.

Maybe you should get up to Borough Market on wednesday and then you will meet a few more of us.

Take care out there people.

looking at ur picture i think i will be dropping down to a 125


i will be up bmm iam on a 125 with a few other 125s if u wanna tag along.

i also see ur from croydon a load off us from a 125cc fourm meet at fair filds hall now and then and ride up 2 box hill etc.(week ends) .