Learner Legal ride-out

Check out the Ride-outs forum for a scooter-led Learner Legal ride-out to Brighton on April 21st. Only those who can do a real 60 mph should attempt this though - but otherwise all ages, abilities, types of bike are very welcome. This won’t be a ‘thrash’, it’ll be a fun ride via backroads with some feedback on riding style and ‘stuff’ to those who wish for it.

Hope to see some of you there.

Details of meet and times to follow in due course.

I might put a L plate on my bike for that run.

you, on a ride out

well his is a scooter, and this has also been posted up in the scooter section,

Oy Sherrie my sweetness, i do go out on rides, but with so many to choose from i have to be very choosy.

Just for that run John?