learn from the mistakes or others

ok so its wednesday afternoon, and i decide to log onto LB and check out the forums .

I find all the usual discussions…what can to buy, where to ride, does god exist? where to get a coffee and who will win the football.

and i read these with great interest , a little chuckle now and then and a few agreeing nods to myself as i agree with the comments made.

i learn loads fhere about bikes, riding and life in general and feel that i should impart my own bit of newly gained wisdom.

now this is the important bit… yes you should all log on and read the forums, use them learn from them educate urself in the ways of the biker world and the world in general, seek out knowledge from others and share your lives with your fellow bikers but please please please dont do what i did…

dont start to read a long forum and leave your fishfingers under the grill!!!

im now eating dry crispy fish strips with a hint of burnt breadcrumbs:w00t::w00t::w00t:


Good advice there sir…

dont blame it on the forum, you just cant cook:w00t:;):P, i thought you always ate at the job canteen

its very healthy of you grilling your fish fingers!

I sometimes get that carried away on LB that a whole working day week has passed!! :wink: