Leaking fuel tank srad gixxer 750

woke up this morning to smell of petrol, brown residue leaking down frame very slowly. Presumably petrol and rust. Bike been standing for two days on sidestand and no petrol on the road. Strong smell, didn’t ride it. (Silly question perhaps… is it ok to ride with petrol leaking - I’d rather not blow myself up if I do have to take it the bike shop?). Can anyone advise on how to fix it? Is this common (1998 SRAD Gixxer, 21k). Read about petseal? How much hassle/cost? Can the bike shop fix it or do I need a new tank? Is it ok to leave it on the road whilst it’s leaking or should I get it out of the way somewhere? ideas purleeease? May seem like silly questions but I’m relatively new to bikes.cup of tea and free sausage sarnie next time I’m at borough!Thanks



Yeah think Chunks might have the ideal solution there…

Although taking a tank off a bike is not that much of a big job, so might be worth lifting it off and seeing where the leak is, how bad it is, etc, and to make sure its not a pipe that has split or something.

can ya see if it is actually leaking from tank/hole etc?

i would have thought that it may leak from pet line or maybe fuel pump etc something going into tank or attatched to it.

I’m going to take the tank off tonight and have a proper look. Thanks for your help lads.

sausage sarnies all round.


wass that from, the fuel pump?

I’ve had the tank off and had a good look around. there’s no perforations/rot and there was no sign of petrol, except perhaps the only place i could see was around the fuel pump. the fuel has leaked out so the seal makes sense although it’s not leaking at all now. I’ll get the o-ring and keep the tank low for now.

thanks for your help.

have you checked the carbs …mine use to leak when it was left on the side stand for a long period of time,:slight_smile:

He hasn’t left it that long Tug :stuck_out_tongue:


Grimbusa (14/04/2008)

He hasn’t left it that long Tug :P[/quotthats why i got a padock stand//terry.sorry mean grim:)

it’s not rust!!! thank god. It’s the fuel pump seal as was suspected earlier. apparently there was a recall on TL’s and a new seal was developed. this seal was better than the one on the fuel injected SRAD so it was issued as an updated part, not a recall in the case of the GSXR’s, anyway cut a long story short, it’s a £35 for a new seal, new bolts and plate (you need to fit the new plate too) and that should sort it.so im told! Might make it thruxton on sunday after all.