Le Mans MotoGP Tickets (wanted)

The rejigged GP schedule looking at the other day, the Le Mans race is nicely coinciding with 4 days I’d booked off in October. My plan is to do a loop departing Thurs and getting there to camp Saturday night to watch race on Sunday, I can’t sit still for long enough to do the whole thing

All the official pipelines to source tickets look to have dried up so looking for something dodgy if anyone’s got any ideas? Sure there must be someone for whom the date become suddenly quite inconvenient outside of summer holidays

Is the race not behind closed doors like the early rounds and F1?

Hence no tickets available? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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hhahahaa I wish I could pass my post off as a joke.

Honestly sometimes I completely forget about coronavirus

In fairness to myself I haven’t been to bed yet, carpet fitter coming tomorrow and a bit of a rush to get quite a bit done between now and then around work

As you were ladies and gents

Dont feel bad, I thought the exact same thing when I saw racing was restarted, until I realized…oh well always next year

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How about contacting the track direct to check what volunteer positions they have.
You could offer your services to keep the crowds under control.