Le Mans and Valencia anyone


Very tempting :slight_smile:

just put in my leave!!


Valencia doesn’t really excite me, but Le Mans might.

MotoPark looks better than both though.

The french trip is open to returning european customers only.

What a crap shot only for returning european customers, i have done loads of uk tracks with Focused. i did ring up and spoke to someone who was very grumpy about me calling.

Well, it’s nice for those of us who have been doing 3 plus trips a year with the same company for several years.

Possibly Le Mans (will have to check my Holiday allowance for next year) :smiley:

Well we know you don’t get much chance to get away, so you should be OK for a week or so at each location :smiley:

I’m up for lemans !!! I actually fell off my chair when I saw £200 on the home page, then read on to realise it was the deposit. I’m reckoning it’ll be around £400, had a look on the french site for lemans and a 20 mins session is £24. so if they do 2 day + accomdation etc, might be about right.



Damn, I’d book that if I’d have been on a Euro TD before. Have always thought the place looked amazing watching Le Mans series and the 24hr races there. Would love to try it out so I know what its actually like to be out on track when I’m sat here on the sofa watching it on the box. Oh well, in an ideal world I’d just book Park Algar in April followed by Le Mans, but its never gonna happen :frowning: