Le Mans 24Hour about to start on Eurosport

If you have never witnessed a Le Mans Start now is your chance:cool:

Good Luck Phase One Endurance:)

i’ve never seen it before. available live here…


Two laps in and the rain has started:w00t:

A lot of tip-toeing going on:D

Fookinell, that 6th gear highside must have hurt… I felt that from here.

Its very damp out there. Should be available live on Eurosport website also

Didn’t that go?:w00t:

Lucky he didnt do a Yanagawa with all that petrol flying about!:smiley:

perfect spectating weather again this year :doze:

one event I’d like to visit at some point but I had a feeling the weather would be cack.

the link i posted is to eurosport live stream. sun coming out now…just a short shower hopefully. that kwakker flew!! Fast place to be highsiding indeed.

as i said i’ve never seen endurance racing and figured they’d all be taking it steady…are they lordy!!! Some ragged riding going on :cool:

Bol D’or is usually the better one as its later in the year.

We went when it was at Paul Ricard in S.France and got burned to buggery:w00t::smiley:

Anyone know what happened to Diablo666?

They were 5th but now 45th:w00t: Too Tall Tel won’t be happy:D

What an ironic way for the French Firemen (TEAM 18 SAPEURS POMPIERS) to end their race:crazy:



more crashes then an LB trackday :w00t:

couldn’t get the Eurosport live feed to work… can’t download latest version of Media player without XP Licence agreement, which I didn’t get when I got my laptop D’oh

I can’t get the live feed to work either, and I’ve got all the updates for IE and Firefox, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and Quicktime and it still won’t work using any of them! :crazy:

i’m pretty frustrated as its stopped working. I’ve been revising (read surfing mindless poo on t’internerd) for my finals and half watching it since the start…and it suddenly stopped!!!

now i might have to actually do some work :w00t: (yeh right!)

Here’s a clip of the highside:



To put this into perspective James Haydon just said on telly that the time he has spent on the bike over the last 24 hours is equivalent to a whole BSB Series bar two races:w00t:

Well done to Suzuki for a 1-2 finish:)

Phase One were 12th

Diablo666 were 13th



I went last year with a few friends and the weather was amazing! 32 degrees and beautiful clear blue skies.

I would recommend people to go, the atmosphere is unbelievable but you won’t get much sleep. Not just because of the noise from the racing but from the campsites and our French Friends revving all kinds of engines until they go bang :ermm: