LCD TV issue

alright guys, any techies out there know anything about LCD TV’s

I have been given a couple of Relisys LCD TV’s both seem to have the same problem, they seem to power on ok, but there is no sound or picture.

Can anyone take a look for me, there is a beer in it for you

Are you sure they ain`t monitors ? :wink:

Just found this ,if it`s any help

Which model are they? At least some Relisys LCD TVs required a separate tuner so whilst they were sold as TVs they were really monitors.

buck (29/07/2008)

Just found this ,if it`s any help[/quote] thanks for this, believe it or not, they actually managed to recover from this administration only to go back into administration a year later and from what I can gather this time they could not be saved as I cannot find any record of the company.And no these are defo TV’s not that I’m bothered if I could get it working as a monitor that would be cool I only really wanted it to play my 360 on and watch the occasional dvd

What inputs have they got? As I did, they branded some of their monitors as TV’s but they required a separate box to process the signal.