LB's Summer Bash photo gallery II live now

Guys, sorry for the delay but I was really tired and loads of things to catch up at home, work and at LB. Here are my pics from this incredible weekend with you. Thank you all for the great company!

They’re all mixed up mate? There’s shots of us leaving before us getting set-up, hehe. Thanks for the unflattering shots

Yes, I mixed it up while editing the plates and choosing the ones I was going to post. I had almost 1200 of them… The majority of the photos unfortunately were taken by Tony and he is much of a worse photographer then me, lol

Also, we had 3 groups arriving at different times, lol

Here is a taste of what is there:

Matt had a pink pillow and he said he can’t do without it:

I don’t want to explane that:

Ginger having some after burn cream