LB's Silverstone trackday pics preview!

The gallery will come as soon as I finish to edit the photos but here is a little preview of another great day in even better comany!


two more


Damn, missed out on the pro photos, the queue was a mile long, pointless! Was starting to get a rythem as well, might have got some good pics Look forward to seeing yours Cezar.

Here you go! The best one I got from you. It’s very hard to identify the rider and then get to a position for a pic. I missed the majority of you as the groups wre too spread apart…


Sorry best pic is Jay on the K5, hope is was a good day and night wish i was there

Can’t wait to see alll the fotos.

Feel like I wasted 30 quid on the fotos that the so called pros at the track took, either off centre with hup to half the subject gone or badly out of focus.

Here is one I managed to resize for you.



Woohoo, thanks Cezar/Pete I don’t recognise that corner, guess it’s somewhere in the Complex. I’m a little miffed at not getting proper photos. Damn, will have to go back and try again

Edit… Oh, puppy, I’ve had that before and complained, I got a refund through the post. Bad luck

Looking forward to seeing all the pics as well. Think we are all agredd, it was an awesome day. Really like that first shot Cezar, you did well with that one.

Looking forward to see all pictures as well, here are a few of mine.

Yep, awesome day! Thank you all!



I waited 1 hour for snaps but there were total rubish…

that kid needs to go back to school…

so i didnt get um.

shut up you muppet…

great pics Cezar. I’ll post mine up when I’m back from Scotland.

I agree you with you guys the pics from the track side photographer really weren’t that great and the queue had to be seen to be believed, or at least how slow it was moving!! Joined right at the end so didn’t queue too long personally but felt a bit bad for Vinnie who had queued for probably at least half an hour only to sit down and be told that they didn’t do any photos of the evening session!! When I did sit down though most of the photos were half out of the frame so just purchased 5 OK ones. This was the best (re-sized)



Jay, it looks like Copse (corner one).

Nice one of Dusty. Nice three in fact.


what bikes Chuffster riding? i cant make it out that rear tyres skinny

you clown… havent you got a N.I.P to be waiting for?

Ooops, Francesco!

How did you manage that fella?

im waiting…