LBs second French day trip photos online now!

What a great day! goes French. A few of us decided to ride on some French roads again. Charlie organised another last minute day trip for us. Great weather, beautiful food, smooth roads, gorgeous countryside and seaside plus brilliant company. What a great bunch of people, what a great time! Barro will write up a resumee of the trip, whatch this space.

Great photo’s Cezar, Wish I’d have gone now!

Loving the pictures! Really nice shots Cezar! Glad everyone had a good time, hope to hear about some stories soon…

Great pics Cezar!!

Barro’s never going to live that one down

Great shots fella

agree with you there foxy !!!

Sorry we couldnt make it guys !

Guys it was a laugh from the begining to the end! All couldn’t be better! Apart from more of you be there with us! Let’s have another one soon!

Great to see Charly drinking beer at ridiculous-o’clock. I doubt a continental trip will ever be without that memory.

Nice gallery Cezar, even the multiple shots of filling up with petrol and queuing were fun to look at

Well, lol, I thought that some people don’t lie themselves on some positions when a photo is taken so, I publish them all! lol

Quality work Cezar…great shots of the trip and thank you all for a great day !!


barro! We all know that you were realised there! Barro actually bought the Hat! Here is some other ‘quality’ moments for you guys:


I have no clue what you talk about !!!

I understand you barro, there’as nothing to b ashamed of… If you like fotebol you have to go for the best!