LBrs New and Old Party Looming !!!

Right then you luvverly lot !!! I would love you, that can, be available on the 2nd Dec (Sat) from 7pm to midnight…to come and meet me at a venue i will pm to you when you reply that you can come? Will tell u details etc then?

Would love those that know me to come !! It will prob be in Dagenham area cos its hard to get booked with the sort of facilities …oh saying that? the one im looking at stipulates NO children…so sorry…but good for you to come out and enjoy yourself for once eh?

Anyway, me dears, can you put your names down if interested in coming to meet me and the others ive contacted? that way i have idea who to expect, and i will pm ya as i said…hope u can come? Got a wicked DJ, normal “buffet” etc…but main thing? we can all have a laugh and dance etc prob one of the last times we can meet before xmas? Come on bike or car no problem !!

So come on, get name down!

Hey Blade, PM sent with apologies. Sorry.

i’m in

I know babes, got it from horses mouth…no probs we can meet up another time …i understand why u want to just ignore me that night, leave me out of your plans, shun me, stick the knife in, make me feel unloved…NAH !!! Thats cool u nutta !! Have a good time, will see u loads anyway…see u so much im sick of the sight of ya !!! (smile x)

Love you too 'ol girl!!

See you soon…if I let yer in through the front door this time…must remember to replace the batteries in the door bell…hahahaha!!!

Be careful i dont take ur slippers and do me own stoppies !!!

We’re in too

Guessed as much

Pm sent

Yes from me.

and its a yes from me too

And its a Yes from me and Jim…

I’m in too





Can’t make it hun, i was right about the dates in that PM … soweeee

Would love to be in Blade but that weekend is my ‘Scottish’ weekend … got a posh do on Friday and then out in the West End on Saturday, me and a load of other Jocks all kilted up !

Sorry, sounds as if you’re gonna have a good one.

Ar$e, want to come, want to come, tis mi birthday on the 1st, but got an exam on the 6th, so no playing out for me

Pms sent to you guys !! Sorry Flats and Loo? see ****e happens?? (bet ya just gettin me back aint ya!!) ha ha…

Come on Westie. Ian, Anul, Clinton…and whoever else? ya just scared of coming to the dark side aint ya !!!

Its On Big fun pm sent

PM’d yah too me luv !! err (Dave)…