LBrs Are The Dogs !!!

Just got back from the Breast Cancer Weekend walk. I didnt attend the full weekend but i went to meet up with the guys and girls from LB that DID along with Kwakedup…

Boy did they get a warm welcome and cheered as they came to the finish line, along with all the walkers and other officials of the day and volunteers !!! I was proud of them all…i didnt expect for one minute to see the sights i saw…there were hundreds of people in the park, ALL of them there for the same reason, and most i should imagine, with a connection with that terrible disease Cancer…

We were told that all the donations and efforts from everyone had help raise 4 MILLION for the cause to fight cancer !!! I was proud to have had my contribution added to that, through my sponser of Abbeyj…who was a star along with ALL the others, there were so many, Salee, Sincere, Barro, Ginger, Flatout, Jay, oh so many although i know your faces, im still getting used to your names but you know who you are !!! …

Everyone was so grateful to them ALL for all they had done this weekend…they looked tired, but so happy they had done it, and they all said so…

Amazing stuff guys…you deserve a huge clap for yourselves…im ashamed i didnt help you but glad that im part of this great “chapter”…the LB chapter !!!

Back to reality?..when me and Kwaked came into the park, the poor sod was nearly taken out by a STUPID women who just turned into him, supposedly to park her car…she didnt even look and he stopped just in time, although stalling the bike because of the suddeness of the moment …and i cant blame him cos i would have done the same if i was in front !!! What a complete pratt she was !! How the hell can she be at such an event with so many people there, and NOT look first !! She broke so hard that her car rocked up and down !!! And that was INSIDE the park !!! Just goes to show dont it?

Anyway, proud of you all for this weekend, whatever part you played in it…you will sleep well knowing that the 4 Ml raised is for one good cause !!! I still cant get over all the people waving at you and saying thankyou, they even did it to me just cos i was on a bike !! Nice one you lot !!!

Well were do start with this??? the people on these walks are an ispiration just cruising the route and chatting and helping them having a giggle and encouraging them when it was gettin tough was not enough for the way they repaid us pulling into finsbury park at the end of day one was a sight to behold all the crew members from the other teams were clapping and shouting then the walkers joined in after securing the bikes and heading over to the tents we were greeted by cheers claps we felt like superstars but day two in Greenwhich well running through that crowd to the stage with all 4000 walkers there some that you had loads of banter with other the two days shouting and cheering for you then being asked up on stage while the 6000+ crowd went absolutlety F*ckin mental for your efforts (see pictures) well it bought a lump to the throat, what an experiance then walking back down the personnel thanks was truely touching kids wanted pictures walkers wanted to say thanks over and over never had anything like it…

so big thanks to Barro, Matt, Patrick, Charlie for the days runnings and the rest behind the scenes

Im filthy, tired and ive been sweating like a blind lesbian in a fish mongers but i have the biggest smile on my face what a weekend


Go to bed mate…you deserve a well earned rest !!! I wanna be in on the next one,…,whatever its for and where ever it is held !!! U lot had a great weekend…Ur face when that woman wanted you to pose !!! ha ha…i saw loads of that going on…and they all loved the tyre burnouts !!! (blimey, they usually do their nut !!!)… Big Kiss for ya

Oh and Abbeyj? was proud of ya when so many woman came up to say “thanks” for looking out for them, and one woman said she felt safe cos she kept hearing your bike next to her so she kept going (little ol you??)…wow …you ARE all stars…glad you were all bigged up…another goodun for LBrs…!!!

Good effort all round…

I only worked the first day - and was unable to drag myself out of bed on the Sunday as I was COMPLETLY knackered… Well done to those who managed both days!!!

I managed to get stopped by old william on the north circular going home - 70 in a 40… Told me the bike wasn’t insured blah blah blah…

Somehow I got away with - “please drive more carefully” - must have had something to do with the t-shirt and Charity ID tag I was still wearing (did I undo my jacket deliberately :whistling - I was sure I was looking at 3 points.

Did anyone actually see Emma B (the DJ) doing the walk…?




Nice one Blade! Damn, I don’t know where to start, it was an incredible experience.

Talking of old william… That plonker staffing the gate who told us not to use our horns before our procession into the park told me when leaving not to use the other gate because it was an entrance, despite the fact the exit was blocked with cars and nobody was entering. I had had enough at this point and actually told him where to stick it and left 0 through the entrance anyhow. PLONKER!!!

Well done all that were involved… Shame I couldn’t join you all… Someone had to run the site and keep it all up to date…

Poor Jay was shattered, as I’m sure many of you are…

Nity nite…


What a weeknd! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard! There was a bit of ‘Hurry up and wait’ but it didn’t matter as everyone pulled together. We’ve found many new friends not least on the staff at BCW but all the walkers too.

Flats I know what you mean about lumps in the throat mate It was a very moving experience for me.

Never have so many stangers come up to me and said thanks, hugged and given me a kiss…

Can only repeat what has already been said by the guys…had a lump in my throat in the closing ceremony too…damn emotional but what a fantastic weekend. Thanks hugely to the support bikers…Trojan, MacP, Matt, Charlie, PBZ, Barro and of course the invincible Ginger!!! You guys made the whole weekend run smoothly…Nice one Off to buy a new tyre tomorrow because Lou (sincere) kept egging me on to do more burnouts but thanks guys for a truely fantastic time. Off to bed now…fooked

Sounds like you all done a great job over the weekend, well done to you all. Sorry I could not be there with you. I will be if the next one is on a Sunday.


now i have to add in my bit and this may be a bit long, but since my work who has very kindly sponsored me as well has asked for a little story on how the day went…

Up at 4 am on Saturday morning, was not something I was looking forward to doing, but I am so very glad I did do that. When Barro first came to me and asked me if I would like to do the weekend, I had no idea what I had let myself in for. It has to have been one of the most fantastic, awe-inspiring events I have had the pleasure to be involved in.

Arriving at Greenwich, only 20 minutes late because the blackwall tunnel was closed, and I had to reroute through Surrey Keys, we arrived at Greenwich Park to find loads of other bikers there. Given my bike was stacked with luggage and of course, the lovely pink and white bras that we wore, getting off the bike was a lot harder than getting on it. Luggage unpacked it was off to the marquee for the safety video, registration and breakfast. plus of course the t-shirts that we received. Which utterly matched my bike , and I have to say that having people run up to you to call you the “orange people” was brilliant. And so our first day began!

Lining up and riding through the walkers with us cheering them on and vice versa was just a small glimpse of what the weekend was going to be like! Lined up at the entrance we waited for the walkers to pass before saddling up and riding off to our first check points. With Barro and PBZ on despatch, Charlie and Trojan as sweepers and first aiders and our two captains Matt and Macp, we were dropped off at our first points for the days and I for one, thouroughly enjoyed chatting to people who were coming up along the route! Even this happy cheer amongst everyone was only a glimpse of what was to come. By the end of the day, all of us were feeling a bit weary, and there was one stage where I thought I could just happily keel over, (and I was on a bike!) and yet those walkers carried on walking always with a smile on their faces and such happy attitudes that I still get choked up about when I think about it now - I know I could not have done what they had done over the weekend.

Back at camp, formation in and the walkers went absolutely nuts to see us riding in!! All of them were raving about how much they enjoyed have the bikers at all of the checkpoints. I think the one thing that was a common theme was we LOVE the bikers or the orange people!!!

Next day up early and back to the route again. I have to be honest by Sunday morning I was knackered and as MacP put it “My God dont you look lovely this morning!!” Yeah I know! The two teams went out and my first point was Checkpoint 9 right by one of the pit stops. The crew there was unbelievable, Westfazer and myself were looked after so well while we were directing walkers across a very busy road. And most of the cage drivers were very happy to not only stop safely but a lot of them were cheering us on as well. My favourite though was a truck driver who had stopped and then decided to play tag with me, I have never laughed as much as I did then. The atmosphere was unbelievable! Of course, there was the odd one or two drivers who frankly I am greatful I am not a violent person.

Off for lunch and then to the next stop with Salee and another biker (not an LB member, but I am sure he’ll join up now!) were we had the unfortunate task of telling the walkers the bad news that the Greenwich foot tunnel’s lifts were out of commission and that they would have to walk UP 190 steps, this after they had just walked about 58 kilometres over the course of the two days. An alternative was offered which allowed them to take the DLR trains one stop to the finish point. And this is where I realised the depth of these women’s and men’s will power, courage and absolute strength of character. As they refused to take the train and were determined to do that 190 steps! In fact, as I am typing this now and reliving that I have tears in my eyes and only wish I could be half the woman that some of those women are!

Back to Greenwich for the closing cermony and what can I say!! The applause the thanks and the love that filled the park that day was too much. Riding in through the park, was the proudest moment of my life. Walking up to the stage area was even better! I have never done something which has made me so proud of my bike as I did yesterday, not even my first wheelie!! The speeches were unbelievable as various people came on to talk of the bravery of these women! Looking around at the crowd, there were many there with tears in the eyes, including some of the “big bad bikers” - You guys are softies after all… Thousands of people, all with a common goal - its amazing what we can do together!

After the speeches were done, and we were went back to the bikes. I went over to Blade and Kwakked up who had come to support us. On my way there one of the survivors came up to me (and now I am crying!) and told me she was looking out for me the whole route along, because she knew we were there to look after them and encourage them and without me she did not think she could have done it! Here is a woman who has just defeated a horrific disease, walked 60 kms and she thinks she could not have done it without me! I think she could have climbed Mt. Everest if she had put her mind to it!!!

So all in all, what a great weekend, I have learned something really valuable this weekend. We are responsible for how other people see us, and we forget how much of an influence we have on others. Those women are amongst the bravest women I have seen and had the honour to meet. So LB I want to say thank you for allowing me this opportunity and priviledge to take part in something truly phenominal!!

So big thank you to everyone!!

PS. There is so much more stories but I am gonna leave it to someone else to continue.

Congrats one and all, simple an extraordinary bunch of people willing to give up their time for others. And agree with Blade, it was absolutey fantastic to see you all get an enormous roar and cheer for all your hard efforts over the weekend. So many people were so grateful of all your efforts to get them around the whole 60k.

Truly an emotional day, and a must for next year!

Hey Blade, sorry we lost you one the way back just before the Blackwall T - filtering what fun!!

thanks Abbey (Kim)…reading that made the bleeding tears come again

yes, the worse bit was having to tell the walkers that they had to do 190 steps UP and the best bit was them saying NO

just amazing…simply amazing

and you never wrote that when your gloves got stolen at that crossing … you dealt with it, then you let it go and got on with keeping the walkers going…a trooper

I just wanted to say my own special thanks to our team leaders for leading us, Barro for the opportunity of such an event, my fellow bikers and my point partners for the weekend (Stace, Kim and Steve). Thanks to Westie for being a crackin tent buddy and thanks to Matt for being my Danny (from Grease). Thanks to Flats for a) for coming and b) keeping us so happy with his oneliners, jokes, pranks and for lobbing his little fella on Ginge’s head. Thanks to Charlie for deploying us to our points. I met some crackin LBer’s, who i haven’t had a chance to meet before. A special thanks to Salee, Kim and Keti for being the LB leading ladies.

I enjoyed the whole weekend. The facilities that we were given were brilliant, the showers were absolute heaven and very much needed after a day on the bike. I was pleased to meet Richard from Big Brother as his mother, like my own has suffered from Breast Cancer and is a survivor. I found him so strong on TV and had to meet him. When Ginger and I met him he was very welcoming, ginge was very giggly and as was I and Richard said to ginge “Oh my god - i think you could do with some breath mints”. Ginge took it all in his stride!! A Small group of us had a dance after dinner to burn off that extra bit of engery and then retired to our tents.

The passion, pain, committment, emotion and strength from the walkers was immennce, it was so overwelhming, being with these lovely people made it worth it. It was sucha relief to see the lovely orange T-shirts when riding from point to point.

I really felt a sense of community when all of the LBers met up, we were so strong as a pack and when we entered into finsbury park we got such an ovation it was fantastic. Likewise the ovation just got better as we entered into Greenwich park

The closing ceremony was so heart wrenching. Having the understanding of the illness really cracked me up. My mum was very poorly and having to see her really go through the mill was hard bloody hard watch and not being able to do anything but just support. She fought and she fought. She is an insperation to me. Unfortuntely I know a small handful of women who didn’t survive and I felt that it was something I needed to do. I was glad that my brother was there to hold me up at the ceremony, it was something that we needed to do, not for us, not for our mum but for the ladies that are currently going through it. It was such an emotional ending to such a touching weekend.

You guys are great and I love you millions. Can’t type any more can’t see the keys.



WOW, what can I say!

You should all be extremely proud of yourselves for giving up your time to help such an awsome event. Reading your posts makes me even more determined to get my full licence asap, I would have loved to have been a part of it - until the next one!!

Hey Guys, You were fantastic!!!

Thanks to Barro for initially organising this, sorry I could be with you guys!

I had fun signing out the route, but didn’t get much of a chance to see the walkers in action

My admiration goes out to all the walkers…ESPECIALLY the ones who have and are battling cancer that completed the walk!!

See you all on Wednesday…



Quality pics Keith, it was lovely to see you there buddy (crutches included)


Hey well i have never been part of something quite some unique, the whole weekend was pulled together through ateam of dedicated, hard working, brave and courageous volunteers. I myself, arrived at Finsbury park on Saturday evening after trawling through the streets of London for over an hour. The atmosphere was incredible!!, people were so helpful at the camp, i managed to park up and meet Matt, Abbeyj, and sincere. The evening was full of fun and frolics, thanks to Flats, who always takes the lead as the clown, (your great si).

It was fantastic to see so many lbers had turned out to support this event, i have to say i had a cracking tent buddy (thanks sincere) we had a laugh, and i dont think either of us got much sleep due to the fact it was so warm that night and plus it was quite noisy on camp.
Morning came, we were up at 4.30am, off to grab a cup of tea then back to the tent to wash and get ready. The most amazing thing was how we all got ready in such a short space of time even charley!!! hehe.

My first post was with Kim, we manned it for over 3 hours and it was then that i really got a feel of how dedicated these ladies and gents were, as they walked past us it was great to be able to cheer them on and have a chat to them, each of them doing the walk either for personal reasons or just to support the cause. The whole thing was very emotional, it made me think of my aunt who died from Breast cancer 1n 1990, so in my own way i was there for her. x

After moving on to lunch and then my next post i parked up and watched again the thousands of people walk past me, it was truley amazing that the ladies were thanking me for smiling at them and encouraging them, as i said to them " we wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you, thankyou".

As we moved to Greenwich there was a amazing atmosphere, i felt really proud to arrive with our group of dedicated riders, and the best part for me was when we ran up to the stage to meet some of the participants and survivors.

This for me was one of the most emotional trips i have taken part in, i hope to be able to do one again.

I would like to say a huge thanks to the lb safety bike team, and a few personal thanks to Abbeyj, thankyou for just being you. xx, Sincere, i think you truly amazing xx, and flats, you always manage to raise a smile, whatever,


westie xx

well done sincere…you really are!..and thanks you’ve started the tears again!