LBers in Rider's Digest

Have a look on page 49 of the new (March 09) edition. The RSS advert after the ‘Bitz’ section.

I recognise Kevin, Shane, George and, I think, Steve.
Did you all get paid then?

That photo’s been used in the advert for the last few months if you’ve got old ones kicking about take a look, I pointed it out months ago to the Ace regulars. :smiley:

And I’m, pointing it out for those that aren’t :wink:

I remember when Tanya was in there too :cool:

Did anyone notice our very own Mole in Two magazine a couple of months ago?:w00t:

Yeah I asked her about that,they made up a surname as well:D

That must have been a long time ago, I remember when steve was allowed out :smiley:

Do you mean me ? :slight_smile: Fond memories . . . but it’s winter . . . and this far north it’s really winter, we’ve got snow you know :cool:

I’m being encouraged to buy a Hayabusa :w00t::smiley:

I’m being encouraged to buy a Hayabusa :w00t::smiley:


You won’t regret it and it is your Birthday :slight_smile: