Are we having a xmas party this year? Is there any preparations going on for this to happen? Just wondered cos hope we couldve all had a input to location,food,drink,MUSIC etc…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hope we DO get to have one, but PLEASE please please, lets have a real live DJ this time? i can even forego the buffet food, if we have music we can get jiggy too !! :D:P:D

(want an excuse to try and get WASP tipsy again and put on the ol heels!!)

sounds good to me, count me in,

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i feel a vodka session coming on:w00t: Might just get you drunk this year jules lol:D:P

Bah Humbug! :slight_smile:



did someone say they needed a party deejay?:w00t:.


Babes, if we can drink a bottle of cider each ON ROUTE to the place, then start on the vodkas for rest of the night and only end up, kind of “merry”…we aint got no chance of doing each other :wink: (heads OUT of gutter people, if you dont mind!) :wink: BUT…id kill for whatever Shewolf had before she got there !!! :w00t:Im bopping at my desk to Dizzy Rascal …“dance with me”…at the moment …Brilliant xmas record …(when your pie eyed)!!! :D:P:D

Where was last years?

Ha ha, dunno !! cant remember but it was in a pub, basement bit…and it was all ours for the night and i wouldve loved it if we had had a DJ to get the crowd jumping !! (after avoiding Shewolf on the floor that is!!!)…ha ha love ya babes !! (ducks out the way) :slight_smile:

yes please :wink: fancy dress too please :wink: and lots of nice grub, music and maybe a charity tombola?!

got a mate looking for some work with his rock band if you need one :wink:

Where abouts in London were you hoping this to be?

Central, North or South - don’t do East or West!

Maybe we could have a karaoke too? (i know, i know, but its always a laugh when your “merry” !) As long as the musics pumping thats all that matters for a good parrtaaayyy

This place is meant to be good! http://www.luckyvoice.com/

That looks a good idea, but how many people to a room? there were a few of us last year, think more than can fit a “private room”…hmmmm :wink:

Will find out, and let you know.Closer to home (mine anyway) and a bit posherhttp://www.hamhigh.co.uk/NLrestGuide2007DEC/Pages/HendonHall.aspx

All room rates below are per hour. The minimum booking is 2 hours. A prop box of hats, wigs and percussion is available in all 10 and 12 person rooms!

Sun - Tue iconPlantRates.gif46810 roomSizeIcon.gif 126pm - 1am£20£30£40£50£60Wed - Sat 3pm - 10pm£30£45£60£75£9010pm - 1am£45£65£85£105£125The rooms can also be opened up so that you could have x2 12 person rooms together for 24 people. However they are very strict on numbers, so if the room is for 12, that’s all that is allowed.

No need for an excuse to dress as a slut… Just do it, I don’t mind :smiley:

Nah, babes…not nearly big enough…too many of us turn up for xmas, some on bikes too? Jay, is there anything going to be put into place or do we have to arrange our own “meet and greet” for crimbo?

Terry n Tugs looked wretching/fetching (take your pick) last year though? :stuck_out_tongue: in the ol elves/reindeer plus Macp in the santa outfits…:stuck_out_tongue: They could do with a “fairy” or 2 i suppose?

We had 2 Elfs (or is it Elves?) remember??? Ben79856 and Westie:cool:

Oops, yeh sorryee…of course they were !! :w00t: And lovely (stupid) they all looked too bless em :D…so what they gonna do this year?? hmmm?