LB Video Channel and HOW TO videos

LB is proud to announce it’s official LB Youtube channel (well, the second but I’ve forgotten the logon details to the first …)

The main aim of it is to be able to showcase our home made video content and the first offering is a how-to with rear paddock stands.

Working with the Oval Motorcycle Centre we are going to produce a series of how-to videos covering the more fundamental aspects of motorcycle maintenance.

The next one is going to be cleaning and lubing drive chains, hence paddock stands being done first.

why is there a NORTHAN [email protected] talking :stuck_out_tongue:

that is bloody brilliant, thank you guys great idea!

I have a single sided paddock stand though!! :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i want to know how the to use a single sided paddock stand for future refrence :wink:

Stick it in the hole and push down lol simples :wink:

Need a How-To repair bodywork :Whistling:

f*ck that just buy chinese panels job done

Stupid thing was I already had a race bodykit :doze:

Oh well. Paint it black. Drill the mount holes and stick it on with a few Dzuz fasteners.

Finish! :smiley:

What camera did you use to film this? I’m in the market for a HD camera to make some similar videos for the Garmin.

Cool, I’d been thinking about suggesting something along these lines :slight_smile: Have you applied for adverts? If the video’s become popular, a reasonable income can be had.

Surely links to LB and OMC should be somewhere in the video description?

erm yes Andy, fair point I’ll correct immediately.

PJ, I’m not getting into single swingers.

Joby - it’s a Sanyo 2000HD Xacti but in fairness it wouldn’t really matter what it was shot on. This kind of thing is not really a great test of a camera.

Dont buy Chinese panels lol there jinxed and will make you bin the bike lol and you will have to cover them in stickers to cover the scratches up XD

and then your brother does you up the back end! :wink:

well that takes it to a hole new bloody leavel that was a hole Chinese bike haha

Looking forward to HOW TO ride the Wantage twisties.

Anyone bringing a video camera tomorrow?

Yaaaaay my bike is famous! lol :smiley:

7 minutes on PADDOCK STANDS??? WTF
Northern Monkey you forgot the cult Abba Stand… you could make a half hour epic documentary if you added that tho… :wink:

More vids please.

Ignore the troll :wink:

Toby, i’ve actually managed to drop my bike while trying to put it on a paddock stand on my own. even though i’ve done it dozens of times.

doesnt hurt to be shown how to do it safely. :slight_smile: